Cutting Edge Products PFT6F52 Police Force Tactical T6 LED Flashlight

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We feel that everyone has a right to protect themselves and their families so secure yourself with our products that are designed to achieve the security levels you desire. Our mission is to provide products that empower people to protect what matters most. We provide only quality products because we care. Our products are highly stable durable reliable and also easy to use.
FeaturesProtects the flashlight from damage so it can always be ready
It can use the light even while out in bad weather
Not only will the LED flashlight safely illuminate the entire area at night but it can also help to protect
Allows you to easily change between the light modes
Allows you to adjust the focus of the light
The Police Force Tactical T6 LED Flashlight comes with our own Streetwise Rechargeable 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery and home charger
To make it easy to carry a metal belt clip is included
Includes:Streetwise 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery
Home Charger
SpecificationsWeight: 0.35 lbs


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